Hair Products That Suck !

January 1st, 2009

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Hopefully atleast 1 or 2 of you respond!:-)

The video response to the video above^^ is my review of the shampoo and conditioner I bought.

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25 Responses to “Hair Products That Suck !”

  1. marinewifey25

    dove soap makes my …
    dove soap makes my skin dry and ashy as so i know im not going to use their shampoo. thanx for the heads up!!

  2. SCHWEET23

    she is so right, 2 …
    she is so right, 2 in 1′s are NEVER any good, if anything they are the worst things you could put in your hair girl. Aveda, Aphogee and Mizani are def top quality :) Not sure about the Nairobi

  3. tamtwy

    DOVE!!! NOoo!Aveda, …
    DOVE!!! NOoo!Aveda,Nairobi or Mizani have great products for natural hair. 2 things to know is there is no 2n1 shampoo that will work.That’s not a buy i get 1 free your going to like, think about. 2 there is no such thing as black or white products b/c I have a few CAUCASIAN customers who use relaxers! My sista they’re hair can be just as nappy as ours, but they’re scalps just produce more oil in a faster manner than ours.Trust me, been doing this for over 15 years.

  4. LocaLizzy

    Dove did the same …
    Dove did the same thing to my hair! Shame.

  5. gypsywoman35

    ROTFLMAO this video …
    ROTFLMAO this video made me laugh outloud. BUT I love the products you mentioned.


  6. hollyhollyrose

    LOL at the name of …
    LOL at the name of this video!… I don’t shampoo my hair, personally. I co-wash it.

  7. expertonmyself

    Awh hecky naw girl. …
    Awh hecky naw girl…not the 2-n-1 shampoo! I think I’ve only used one bottle in my life and that was waaaaaaaaaayyyy before I decided to go natural. *L*

  8. TankaVizion

    I love that you …
    I love that you spazzed out on the horrific product, that right Mama the world must know! =D

  9. ChiDirtySouthGul

    Gosh! why am i just …
    Gosh! why am i just now seeing this video.. It makes my hair the same way…I’ll be getting me something else VERY SOON!

  10. justwant2laugh


  11. justwant2laugh

    You are very right. …
    You are very right. But I can be stubborn,lol:-/

  12. justwant2laugh

    Yay! for you girl. …
    Yay! for you girl. I wish you could put it on video.
    Thanks for the comment.

  13. justwant2laugh

    Thanks for watching …
    Thanks for watching smiley.

  14. KahaluuMartyMom

    your 100% correct …
    your 100% correct on those shampoos, and condish’s i tried what you did try, and it did the same to my hair, And Im part caucasian oriental hair, and I tossed these out you claim is junk, HOW TRUE!!!

  15. agoofball07

    She’s right!
    She’s right!

  16. MizzLynn1687

    don’t comb out your …
    don’t comb out your hair with shampoo, do it when you condition….much less hair comes out and its easier on the arms!! :)

  17. streetfroetry

    girl do you know …
    girl do you know that Nature’s Gate Lavender & Aloe conditioner SUCKED for me! it made my hair feel like straw!

  18. yvette404

    thank s for the …
    thank s for the info
    your hat is so cute
    i am about 3weeks form choppin of my relaxed ends i havent had a relaxer in about 8-9 months
    cant wait to see the finished cut

  19. smileyousee

    Thanks for the …
    Thanks for the information.. I will not be buying any of those… Much love to you sweetheart

  20. maipai101

    Wait a minute the …
    Wait a minute the chemical just mentioned is soap which is made of lye and fat. So you are always using some form of it.

  21. ionprize08

    nintrovert: About …
    nintrovert: About Creme of Nature…Oh wow I didn’t know this! No wonder it made my hair dried out when I used it before.

  22. justwant2laugh

    Feel free to do it. …
    Feel free to do it. Just let others know you are relaxed.

  23. maipai101

    No, I’m not …
    No, I’m not transitioning but I do use chemicals with great care. I’m not relaxing my hair anytime soon because I will get a new set of braids so relaxing it wouldn’t make sense.

  24. justwant2laugh

    I just saw another …
    I just saw another comment you wrote. I did not know you were relaxed. No offense but this tag is more like for naturals, products that suck for natural hair. Well that is what I thought.Are you transitioning?

  25. justwant2laugh

    Done! lol Now get …
    Done! lol Now get to the video;-) I’ll even put your name in the description(“more info”) so ppl will know I tagged you, The pressure is on,lol.

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